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Certified Pool Plastering & Renovations in Delaware and Maryland

Benson Concrete Construction LLC provides pool renovations in Delaware, Maryland & Virginia including pool plastering, resurfacing, coping and tile.

Finding a reliable professional for pool renovations is incredibly important, and you need a swimming pool contractor you can count on.

For years, Benson Concrete Pools LLC has been providing residential and commercial complete pool renovations and repairs to transform basic pools into gorgeous, modernized outdoor living areas with a decked-out pool.

Your pool is an investment, neglecting proper maintenance and care diminishes that value and can also create safety risks. Tiles and other outdoor surfaces all need replaced eventually either due to natural wear and tear or you just want something new. Aesthetic upgrades are becoming more common as technology continuously improves the safety of visually pleasing tiles, decks, and other poolside surfaces.

Benson Concrete Pools is the only certified contractor on the eastern shore to offer Diamond Brite Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes!

Pool Repairs

Signs Your Pool Needs Resurfacing Or Replastering

 There are some common signs that you can check for periodically to see if your pool may need resurfacing or replastering. A rough texture on the bottom or sides of the pool. Guests in your pool may be more aware of this since their skin may not be accustomed to the texture. Leaks in the pool are certainly signs that something is amiss. Also, be aware of any unsightly stains that may be growing or that may be hard to remove. There are all signs that it is time to call your pool renovation specialists for a checkup.

Concrete Pool Plastering

Concrete pool plastering is one of the common maintenance items that pools require on a regular basis.

We offer standard white or custom pool plastering options.

Coping & Tile 

Choose from a large collection of styles and materials to match your existing pool or upgrade to something new.

Pool Resurfacing

Like plastering concrete pools, refinishing a fiberglass drop or vinyl liner will require a different resurfacing technique.

Redesign and Upgrade of Existing Pool

One of the great things about pool renovations is having the choice to turn your pool into something comfortable and enjoyable. Transform your pool and breathe new life and energy into your backyard!

 Pools need resurfaced over time, and we can help you get an upgraded tile or new decking while you are at it. Change or add in a color scheme that fits your outdoor décor, or something with a smoother finish that you find more soothing.

Concrete Spray Overlay

 This product is made with polymer resin and cement blend and creates a product that is slip resistant for your safety and are made to resist pool chemicals, salt, UV exposure, free conditions, and other harsh conditions. Color and texture of your choice can be added. Combine colors and patterns with the concrete overlay system’s stamp and stencil technology that allows you to get creative with the design of your deck. Stamps come in a vast range of shapes and designs; including, natural stone patterns, straight edges, modern squares and patterns, bricks, and even medallions.


Redesign and Upgrade of Existing Pool Concrete Deck

 Achieve the backyard oasis of your dreams without even tearing up your old, boring concrete deck. Concrete overlay technology can be applied over top of most concrete surfaces.


Brick, Stone, or Paver Overlay

 Concrete pool decks can get a lovely facelift with a simple stone, pavers, or brick overlay. These allow you more flexibility in materials, but you may need to raise the anchor sockets of some deck equipment.

Why Choose Benson Concrete Pools LLC?

Welcome spring with a transformative pool renovation, pool repair or pool plaster  just in time for summer. Contact Benson Concrete Pools LLC today to set up a free no obligation consultation!

  • We give our clients the opportunity to experience something new and exciting  and protect their investment with a renovation or repair that brings new life to your pool.
  •  We only use the most cutting-edge equipment and materials to guarantee that your renovation is built to last.
  • Our experts are the complete package and handle everything from consult to renovation, and we are there to handle any ongoing questions you may have.
  •  Our team of experienced tradesmen are ready to offer their time and knowledge to ensure that you get reliable information during your consultation and high-quality service. 
  • Benson Concrete Pools is the only certified contractor on the eastern shore to offer Diamond Brite Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes!

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