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If you’re interested in adding a beautifully upgraded surface to your paved areas, you’ll want the best concrete contractor serving Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. At Benson Concrete Pools LLC we are your stamped concrete experts and we treat every job with the level of craftsmanship and precision that we would when imprinting concrete at our own homes.

What does that mean? We won’t settle for anything less than perfection that leaves you speechless, every single time. 

We pride ourselves on our expertise, and that’s why our team has only the most experienced, highly qualified contractors working on our stamped concrete installations. We know that what we create is a beautiful addition to every home we have the privilege of visiting, and we like to think our services are our way of beautifying and enhancing our community. 

You can finally get the unique, polished pathways and paved areas you always dreamed of. When you let our team take care of your stamped concrete paving, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change before. So don’t put it off any longer, we’re here to give you the best experience possible!

Why Choose Stamped Concrete?

When you walk outside on your patio, on a sidewalk, or even on your driveway, you’re walking on concrete flatwork. Basically, concrete flatwork is any flat surface where concrete is poured horizontally. Concrete is used most of the time due to how it can form a nice flat and even surface.

The concrete flatwork is made with a frame and a base. That sub base will strengthen the concrete so that there are no cracks forming under pressure or from age. It’s nice that it’s so strong since it’s less expensive than stone or brick, and there are so many new options for finishing—which means that you can customize it to your preferences.

We will discuss on a case by case basis our process- we’ll section off the area where we’ll pour the concrete and what type of concrete we’ll be using. Using some stains and dyes, we can make your concrete look like almost any material you’d like.

Stamped Concrete Driveway

Driveways used to be a fairly standard fixture, with an interesting shape or curve as the only unusual accents. However, the driveway is the main gateway through which you, and visitors, enter your home. As such, there’s been a growing interest from homeowners to upgrade the visual appeal of their driveways. 

There are plenty of different paving materials available, but they’re not all ideal for paving your driveway. Textured concrete is more time and cost efficient than any original material, and it allows for an endless variety of design options. You can choose from different textures to suit your taste, while achieving custom pigments that bring out the best of your home and garden.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete may be something you previously never considered for your home renovations, but there are plenty of reasons you should. Not only does it create beautiful statement flooring, you can use it to create custom counter tops, and all throughout your home and landscaping. 

Rich, deep pigments can be custom mixed to fit your preferred design. Unlike other imitation materials, it uses color throughout, rather than simply coloring over a white surface. You’ll end up with a one of a kind piece for your home, that you won’t see anywhere else. 

You can create bold, modern designs, choose ornate and intricately patterned designs, or anything in between. You can even request detailed stencil printing on your new decorative concrete pieces. Whether it’s a large, bare area that you want to revive with a decorative concrete surface, or an area that could use some small accents, decorative concrete is the go-to solution.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Patios are the ultimate outdoor gathering spot, and they go through a lot of use as a result. Many times, an otherwise well tended area like your patio is dulled by a plain or well worn floor. Rather than settling with a drab gray slab, many homeowners are turning to stamped construction concrete. It’s an ideal way to liven up your outdoor spaces, and it completely changes the look of your current patio.

A patio with textured concrete is incredibly durable and low maintenance, which makes it even more attractive for homeowners.  Many people are often surprised at the visual ‘upgrade’ it lends to their patio; and while it looks much more expensive, it’s actually more affordable than using the weaker, original materials.

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