Snow Removal

Snow Removal Service

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your snow removal plans in place, a heavy snowfall can come without warning. If you want the security of knowing you’ll wake up to a clear path, call our team today!

Finding a reliable professional before bad weather is incredibly important, and you need a snow removal service you can count on. For several years, Benson Concrete Pools LLC has been providing residential and commercial snow removal and snow plow services.

Neglecting large amounts of snow can also create safety risks, as snow warms and cools again, leaving hidden patches of slippery ice. We know how important it is to have a contractor you can trust to get rid of that snow so you can go on with your regular activities. We’re the snow removal professionals that you can trust to keep you informed, and be there to clear up your roads and sidewalks right away. 

Why Contract for Snow Removal?

When you live in a region that experiences heavy snowfall, you understand the issues it can present.  A snow removal service is a critical part of maintaining your mobility and safety throughout winter, as well as providing safe and open accessibility to your home or business.. Because everyone else in your region will be experiencing the same issues, and need the same assistance, it’s important to ensure you have a plan before snow arrives.

Snow and ice can cause significant safety and mobility issues, especially when unexpected. Not only does it impact your ability to travel, go to work, and complete important errands, it can also affect your ability to move around outside your home and property. If you’re a business it can be a bigger problem, limiting employees and customers accessibility to your location, or posing a serious safety risk.

In many cases,  it’s difficult for people to thoroughly remove the snow and ice themselves. In these instances a snow removal service like Benson Concrete Pools LLC can use a variety of solutions to remove the snow.

Manual Snow Removal-Shoveling

At Benson Concrete Pools LLC, we make it our goal to help remove snow as quickly and efficiently  as possible throughout our community through a variety of ways. Sometimes, the  simplest form of snow removal is to manually shovel sidewalks, driveways, and any other walkways. This can be necessary to reach areas that snow plows and machinery cannot reach but can be a physically intense activity, and can add significant strain to your muscles, especially to your back and heart.  Why not let the professionals handle it-we have the right tools such as special shovels for snow removal that include wheels or a deep barrel that allows snow to be moved more quickly and efficiently. Shoveling, coupled with plowing is often an effective solution.

In some cases, even after snow is removed there may still be ice present. This presents another difficulty when people are trying to drive and walk safely. We can also treat and remove any underlying ice with the use of special compounds that work to dissolve the ice without compromising the integrity of the underlying structure.

Snow Removal &  Snow Plowing

Many people have difficulty distinguishing the differences between snow removal and snow plowing services. While both do serve to get snow out of the way so that you can drive and walk in areas that would otherwise be covered, they’re still different services. For Benson Concrete Pools LLC, our snow removal service may include both plowing, as well as the removal of snow.

Snow plowing refers to when a plow is used to clear pathways. When the snow is removed from streets and driveways, the displaced snow is still left in the vicinity, albeit not on the surfaces needed for walking or driving. This can be a more cost effective option, although the snow remains on the property. This leaves piles of snow that either melt eventually, or can be removed by other means. This is most often suitable for businesses, commercial locations and large driveways.

Snow removal is a more thorough process, and it’s often done after plowing or shoveling routes needed for regular transportation. Because piles of snow left behind from a plow can hide patches of ice, or obstruct your view, snow removal is the choice option for safely dealing with large amounts of snow. It’s also ideal for properties that simply don’t have the space available for the large piles of snow that accumulate after clearing roads and sidewalks, since it removes the entirety of snow from the property.

Contact Benson Concrete Pools LLC today to ensure you have snow removal and snow plowing coverage when you need it most! In some cases, we may need to come inspect your property to fully prepare, and decide what equipment will be needed based on the amount of snowfall. This allows us to serve all our customers in need of snow removal, and ensure that once the weather turns our team can reach all the necessary areas to remove snow.

Snow Removal Projects

From driveways to parking lots, we can take care of your snow removal needs.