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Pavers are pre-formed concrete tiles designed to simulate cobblestone, tile, stone, or stone that is chiseled. The usage of concrete pavers in both patios and pathways have been gaining in popularity through the years. Historically, the use of brick or clay pavers in landscaping was most common, but as pavers have evolved interlocking concrete pavers are preferred in modern landscapes. This is due to their increased strength and the large variety of patterns and styles available.

In contrast to other hardscapes, pavers have a lot of benefits. The primary advantage of pavers vs. concrete is they do not easily break. If something such as a tree root raises one area of the paver, it’s simple just to dismantle and repair that one area without any permanent harm. Pavers are also popular in that they lay nearly perfectly flat. Depending on the variety you select, pavers can be quite simple to put furniture on and for children to play on.

It is important to work with a professional such as Benson Concrete Pools when installing pavers. Pavers need to be stable, no doubt you have seen paver applications where settling has occurred. However, if installed properly, pavers should not settle, sag, or move.

At Benson Concrete Pools, our paver installers have the experience and skills to install your pavers properly the first time.

Entryway Pavers

Entryways are essential to your home’s value and are fun to develop. You’ve heard the term curb appeal and opting for a complimentary entryway can make or break an impression and an appraisal.

Benson Concrete Pools can handle all facets of entryway planning and design. Our paver entryway design and installation projects have enhanced the appearance and functionality of landscapes and homes and businesses in Delaware. There are unlimited design choices when determining the look for your entryway. Our local team of skilled and experienced installers will listen to your needs and preferences and develop a stunning design that exceeds your expectations.

Driveway Pavers

There’s no better look for a driveway than custom pavers. Create instant curb appeal with a paver driveway that is unique, stylish, and functional. Pavers instantly turn your driveway from normal to an appearance of craftsmanship and distinguished quality. Paver driveways are stronger than concrete too. 2-3x stronger in compressive strength and weight capacity compared to normal concrete.

Walkway or Patio Pavers

Benson Concrete Pools has helped homeowners across Delaware benefit from patio pavers and paver walkway installation. Pavers require very little maintenance, making them an ideal walkway surface material for residential and commercial applications. Pavers can completely change the appearance of patios, garden paths, and walkways making it more appealing to the eye and practical.

Retaining Wall Pavers

Benson Concrete Pools can create retaining walls from pavers specially engineered to prevent soil erosion and lend support and beautiful design to your landscaping. The pavers provide design and appeal yet function to hold back soil and stone from slopes that have been excavated in areas such as driveways, outdoor kitchen areas, pathways, etc.

Our installers carefully study the topography of your home to determine which areas would be best served by a retaining wall. Next, we review your options for style and design, and finally, we create and install the retaining wall.

Firepit Pavers

Outdoor fire pits are a great way to add to the beauty and value of your outside space. A well-designed and well-planned fire pit can easily become the focus of your yard space. It creates perfect harmony for outdoor living, to gather with friends and relax in your own space.

Benson Concrete can design and install stunning outdoor fire pits based on your specific requirements and budget. Our team focuses on fire pit installations and possesses decades of experience master the skillset needed to install gorgeous paver firepits.

Paver Steps

Much more stylish and distinctive than main-stream concrete actions, natural stone paver steps can uplift the look of your property and make it look elegant and stylistic. With professional paver steps installation, you can individualize the appearance and design to complement your property’s personality.

Benson Concrete Pools specializes in concrete paver applications including the following.

Raised Patios
Retaining Walls
Landscape/Garden Walls
Sitting Wall
Pool Decks
Outdoor Kitchen/Grill
Permeable Pavers
Veneer Stone Install
Cleaning and Sealing
Repair and Maintenance