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Concrete is manufactured out of three main components: water, aggregate and cement. The aggregate is typically composed of sand, stone or gravel and the cement usually is available in powdered form and acts as a binding agent. Concrete is well known as a strong, durable material and is used for many different structures, including numerous kinds of curbs.

Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing is the procedure of using concrete to create curbs for parking lots, landscaping borders and other purposes. Though it is often installed as gray and dull, there are many decorative concrete styles that work nicely for creating landscape borders.

There are many applications for curbing. In parking lots curbing can assist in several ways such as defining the sides of the parking lot, preventing vehicles from destroying the edges, separating parking, or driving areas from pedestrian areas, protecting landscaping and more.

Benefits of Professional Installation

Using a professional contractor for concrete curbing needs is essential. There are many variables to consider when placing concrete curbs in any location, just a small miscalculation can cause big problems. Benson Concrete Pools is a professional concrete contractor with experience, appropriate equipment and the skills required to complete your job properly and safely.

Slip Form Curb

Benson Concrete Pools also provides slip form curb. A slip form curb is a fiber-reinforced high strength concrete curb which is formed through a special machine. This machine molds the concrete to specific locations within the construction site. The form moves along the placement area delivering the concrete to specific areas to form the ultimate product- following designs and plans with specialized precision.


A concrete sidewalk or footpath requires the services of a professional skilled contractor like Benson Concrete Pools. When installed properly by a professional, its long lifecycle removes the need for regular repair or maintenance, making it cost-efficient and time-efficient.

Benson Concrete Pools will install your concrete sidewalk and/or walkway using the same precise, professional expertise that has given our company its stellar reputation throughout Delaware. We will walk you through the many options and decorative styles available to get the look you desire and communicate with you every step of the way.

ADA Handicap Ramp

Benson Concrete Pools can also provide and manufacture ADA compliant access ramps for commercial and residential projects. We design and construct high-quality concrete ramps which assist in handicap accessibility. Our ramps comply using the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the International Building Code (IBC) for public access. We additionally design ramps to meet neighborhood building codes.

The most expensive concrete you must pay for is the job you have to pay for twice.

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