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You have a lot of options when it comes to concrete repairs, leveling, and styling. We know that you can choose anyone, but if you want a professional job that is done quickly and matches the aesthetics you want, call Benson Concrete Pools LLC.

We have had years of experience and know exactly how to do the job quickly, safely, and cleanly. We meet with you and listen to your needs and discuss the features you want, and we are transparent about our whole process. We’ll let you know the pricing right away so that you don’t have to struggle with the final prices or with any surprises along the way and we keep in touch with updates and milestones throughout the project. 

Read below for an overview of the concrete construction services we provide.

Concrete Flatwork

When you walk outside on your patio, on a sidewalk, or even on your driveway, you’re walking on concrete flatwork. Basically, concrete flatwork is any flat surface where concrete is poured horizontally. Concrete is used most of the time due to how it can form a nice flat and even surface.

The concrete flatwork is made with a frame and a base. That sub base will strengthen the concrete so that there are no cracks forming under pressure or from age. It’s nice that it’s so strong since it’s less expensive than stone or brick, and there are so many new options for finishing—which means that you can customize it to your preferences.

We will discuss on a case by case basis our process- we’ll section off the area where we’ll pour the concrete and what type of concrete we’ll be using. Using some stains and dyes, we can make your concrete look like almost any material you’d like.

Acid Stain Concrete

When you think of typical concrete, you think of  bland grey coloring. Often we  like concrete because of the price, but the coloring may not really match with the aesthetics of your home. That’s why you need acid stain concrete, which is basically concrete stained in any color. Metallic acid salts and hydrochloric acid stains penetrate the surface of the concrete to give it a hue that’s not natural.

Talk to Benson Concrete Pools LLC about the acid staining process if you want some deep marbling in your concrete or if you’d just like a new coloring. We know how to do it quickly and professionally to give you exactly the look you’ve been hoping for.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

So, you already know that you’re able to polish your concrete or stain it to give it a specific style and look that you wouldn’t be able to get just by pouring ordinary concrete. There’s another way to add a little bit of style to your concrete too: by having us reveal the aggregate with exposed aggregate concrete.

When we place the concrete, it looks like normal grey concrete. Once it’s placed though, the decorate aggregate can be revealed. Depending on the size of your project, we’ll choose a method to expose the top of the stone while the rest remains.

You’ve seen aggregate concrete before. When you look, you’ll see little decorative rock-like structures in the concrete. Those are revealed by shaving off at most the top third of your concrete. The decorative aggregate will now be very durable, skid-resistance, and great for places like sidewalks, driveways, and patios.

It looks great for all areas and gives you a special flair without being excessively expensive.

Concrete Resurfacing

If you have old cracked and worn concrete—that’s what concrete resurfacing is for. Old, worn, or damaged concrete not only looks unsightly, it can be a safety hazard. When you call Benson Concrete Pools LLC, you’re calling a professional to resurface your concrete.  We’ll prep your existing concrete before we spread a mixture across it to even it out and make it look as good as new. By the time we’re finished, it’ll look just like you have new concrete with whatever finish you’d like.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is low maintenance flooring option that is meant to be glossier and shinier than your average concrete. Basically, it’s concrete that has been polished. We can discuss a few different types of polished concrete that we process to make it shine regardless of which type you choose.

If you are considering polished concrete contact us! We will discuss how we’ll work to polish up your concrete by sanding, buffing, and shining it. We can get the concrete to work with your specific aesthetics, and of course, we’ll make sure to clean up everything after we’re done too. This is a great way to update your home  or business without spending too much money on the process.

Concrete Leveling

Over time, it’s possible that your concrete can sink or shift out of place. When that happens, we provide concrete leveling to shift your concrete back into place. This means that your concrete will be reinforced and that you won’t have to deal with any premature cracking or breaking over time.

The process won’t take as much time to correct as you might think. Our professionals pump material underneath the concrete slab to fill in the void and lift the slab back into place. The whole process works really quickly and is very clean, not to mention that it will save you a lot of money in future repairs. 

Concrete Repair

Concrete cracks. It happens. Just because your concrete is cracked though doesn’t mean that you need to worry about replacing the entire slab. We can help you repair the cracks and chips with a quick process, meaning that you don’t need to spend nearly as much money as you would for a full replacement. 

Ask us about the mortar repair that we use to fill cracks, and how we can make your concrete look as good as new in a short amount of time.

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